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Wendy from Florida/USA about shawl "Faecherblume"

Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2018

Hello Barbel!

Your translated instructions are wonderful!  

Google Translate had provided some "flower-y" descriptions...ie. a "wingspan" was described the way a bird might fly from branch to branch!  So your translated instructions were much clearer :-))

As I was identifying the colours I thought you might enjoy a picture of your project, " In the wild in Florida".  Bailey decided he would help me with sorting the foreground colours.

The colours are beautiful shades with lovely rich speckles.  What a beautiful selection of colours you've chosen. Making the Magic Skein was new for me - I am looking forward to knitting up the results!  It will make this project much easier while travelling.

While at one time it was an act of faith to do my first cutting of a steek, it is my preferred knitting method now.

Thank you again for the great assistance for assisting me to make your lovely creation!

Best wishes - Wendy


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